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At the Airport: 23 Essential Useful Arabic Words and Phrases

Welcome to another blog in our Arabic for everyday series. In our previous blogs, we learned different Arabic phrases to use in various situations. We learned Arabic phrases to talk about jobs and careers. We also learned essential language to use at the restaurant and when shopping. Today, we cover another key area of using the Arabic language, which is at the airport.

Importance of Arabic Language at the Airport

Traveling to an Arabic-speaking country can be an exciting and enriching experience, but finding your way around airports in a foreign language can sometimes be scary. To make your journey smoother and more enjoyable, learning a few keywords and phrases in Arabic is essential.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to 15 must-know Arabic words and 8 questions and phrases that will help you confidently navigate through airports, from check-in and security to boarding and baggage claim.

In addition to necessary vocabulary, we will look at useful questions and requests, and provide real-life scenarios so you could practice your newly learned words and skills.

Arabic Words at the Airport

Let’s start with 15 essential Arabic words and phrases we need in order to communicate and make important questions and statements at the airport.





Jawāz al-safar

جَوَازُ السَّفَر










Boarding pass

Biṭāqat al-ṣa’ūd ilā al-ṭā’ira

بِطَاقَةُ الصُّعودِ إلى الطَّائِرة

Baggage claim

Istilām al-amti’ah

اِستِلامُ الأَمْتِعَة




Security checkpoint

Nuqṭat al-taftīsh al-amniyyah

نُقْطَةُ التَّفْتيشِ الأَمْنيّة

















Khāln min al-rusūm al-jumrukiyyah

خالٍ منَ الرُّسُومِ الجُمْرُكية

Arabic Phrases & Questions at the Airport

After mastering some essential vocabulary, it’s important to know how to ask the right questions and make requests while at the airport.

In this section, we’ll provide you with various useful questions and requests in Arabic to help you handle various situations in an Arabic-speaking airport.

These questions will enable you to gather important information, make requests, and ensure a smooth and stress-free airport experience in Arabic-speaking countries.

So, buckle up, and let’s start!

Where is the check-in counter for flight number [flight number]?

Ayna maktabu tasjīli alwuṣūli lilrriḥlati raqmu [raqm alrrḥlh]?

أَيْنَ مَكْتَبُ تَسْجِيلِ الوُصُولِ لِلرِّحْلَةِ رَقْمُ [رقم الرّحلة]؟

What time is my flight departing?

Matá tughādiru riḥlaty?

مَتَى تُغَادِرُ رِحْلَتي؟

Can I choose my seat?

Hal yumkinunī ikhtiyāru maqʻady?

هَلْ يُمْكِنُنِي اِخْتِيارُ مَقْعَدي؟

Where is the nearest restroom?

Ayna ajidu aqraba dawrati miyāh?

أَيْنَ أَجِدُ أَقْرَبَ دَوْرَةِ مِياه؟

Excuse me, where can I drop off my luggage?

ʻUdhran, ayna yumkinuny taslīmu ḥaqāʼiby?

عُذْرًا، أَيْنَ يُمْكِنُني تَسْلِيمُ حَقَائِبي؟

Are there any restrictions on luggage weight?

Hal hunāka quyūdun ʻalá wazni alʼamtiʻah?

هَلْ هُنَاكَ قُيُودٌ عَلَى وَزْنِ الأَمْتِعَة؟

I would like a window seat.

Urīdu miqʻadan jāniba alnnāfidhah

أُرِيْدُ مِقْعَدًا جَانِبَ النَّافِذَة

I’d like a flight ticket to (destination)

Urīdu tadhkaratan ilá (alwujhah)

أُرِيْدُ تَذْكَرَةً إِلَى (الوُجْهَة)

Real-life Scenarios

Check-in at the airport

Now that you’ve learned 23 essential Arabic vocabulary and questions at the airport, it’s time to put them into practice. In the following real-life scenarios, we’ll demonstrate how to confidently use these Arabic phrases and words at the airport.

Checking in at the airport


Hello, where can I check-in for the flight to Cairo?

مرحبًا، أين يمكنني تسجيل الوصول للرّحلة المتّجهة إلى القاهرة؟

Airport staff

Hello, you can check in at counter number 12.

أَهلًا يمكنك تسجيل الوصول عند المكتب رقم 12


Thank you, can I choose my seat?

شكرًا، هل يمكنني اختيار مقعدي؟

Airport staff

Yes, you can choose your seat on the plane here.

نعم، يمكنك اختيار مقعدك على متن الطّائرة هنا


I would like a window seat, please.

أريد مقعدًا جانب النّافذة من فضلك

Airport staff

Alright, I have reserved a window seat for you. Here is your boarding pass.

حسنًا، لقد حجزت لك مقعدًا جانب النّافذة. هذه بطاقة الصّعود إلى الطائرة

Asking for help with luggage


Excuse me, where can I drop off my luggage?

عذرًا، أين يمكنني تسليم حقائبي؟

Airport staff

Hello, you can drop off your luggage at counter number 14.

أَهلًا يمكنك تسليم حقائبك عند المكتب رقم 14


Thank you. Are there any restrictions on luggage weight?

شكرًا. هل هناك قيودٌ على وزن الأمتعة؟

Airport staff

Yes, the checked luggage cannot exceed 23 kilograms and the carry-on luggage cannot exceed 7 kilograms.

نعم، لا يمكن أن يزيد وزن الأمتعة المسجّلة على 23 كيلوغرامًا وأمتعة اليد على 7 كيلوغرام


Alright, thank you for the information.

حسنًا، شكرًا على المعلومات


Now that you’re familiar with these 15 essential Arabic words and 8 questions and phrases at the airport, you’re well-prepared to handle any situation in Arabic-speaking airports with ease and confidence.

It is time for you to practice these expressions to ensure they are easily accessible to you the next time you need them. To help you achieve that, we have prepared a Quiz that would allow you to check your understanding of these Arabic words and questions at the airport.

Before you set off on your journey, take a minute to check our Planner which you can use to boost your learning journey. We have equipped this planner with a rich 30-page worksheet accompanied by over 200 practical exercises and activities, so it could serve as a powerful tool to back your acquired knowledge and newly learned language and push your learning journey forward with loads of practice opportunities.

Bon voyage and happy Arabic learning

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