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AlifBee Is Now Pearson Assured


We’re delighted to announce that we became Pearson’s Assured on 01/08/2022. 

Now we can issue certificates assured by Pearson’s for completing our Arabic tests.

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Available Tests:

AlifBee Arabic Test As a Second Language (AATSL)

-Completing this test will certify your proficiency in the Arabic Language

-This test will help you complete your study and work in a country where Arabic is the official language. 

-This test is graded out of 100 and will assess your four language skills: Reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Why take AATSL?

Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world. If you’re willing to study or work in an Arabic-speaking country, AATSL will certify your proficiency in Arabic and help you land more job opportunities and to be actively involved in the local community.

Score – and meaning

AATSL scores are based on ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) 

Level A: 50-59

Level B: 60-69

Level C: +70


Other certificates:

AlifBee Elementary Level–

Completing this test will certify that you are equivalent to A skill level when compared to the ACTFEL grading system.

Passing grade  60 out of 100.

AlifBee Intermediate Level–

Completing this test will certify that you are equivalent to B skill level when compared to the ACTFEL grading system.

Passing grade  60 out of 100.

AlifBee For Health Workers –

Completing this test will certify that medical students, doctors, and other medical staff, who work with Arab patients have the required Arabic skills to work and communicate with their patients easily and efficiently. 

AlifBee For Domestics Workers–

Completing this test will certify that you have the required language skills to communicate effectively with the local workforce in a professional work environment.

What is Pearson Assured?

“Pearson Assured is a service that independently benchmarks and verifies the training provided by various organizations and bodies.” 

Pearson’s specialty is situated ideally to assure that the systems and procedures of the training, education, and quality assurance are carefully created and successfully executed.


Pearson Assured is a service that assures the quality of the processes underpinning the design, delivery, quality assurance and/or assessment of the organisation’s own education or training programmes. This service quality assures the organisation’s processes, not specific qualifications or training programmes offered by AlifBee.

Why did we become Pearson Assured Center?

  • To become an international benchmark, we satisfy the assured quality criteria for our educational programs by ensuring that all of our students receive the same quality of education.
  • To provide our students with a reliable authority’s independent baseline for education and training standards to reassure them by becoming Pearson Assured, that our organization delivers a clear statement to our students that it is accountable and responsible, which gives the student reassurance.

Benefits of Pearson Certification:

  • The aforementioned certificate will assist students in building on the academic and professional expertise that they have developed during their Arabic education.
  • Pearson collaborates with more than 1000 institutions throughout the globe, including those in England, the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.
  • Students who successfully complete the AlifBee Arabic test and acquire the certificate will be assisted with this credential in their professional, academic, and employment applications in the aforementioned locations.


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