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8 عبارات عربية مؤثرة لاستخدامها في عيد الأم

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a special occasion celebrated worldwide to honor the love, sacrifice, and unyielding support of mothers. 

In the Arab world, this day is infused with unique cultural significance and emotional depth. Arabic, with its poetic resonance and rich expressions, offers beautiful ways to convey love and gratitude. 

Did You Know?
In the Arab world and the Middle East & Northern Africa (MENA) region, Mother's Day is celebrated on 21 March.

Here are eight heartfelt Arabic phrases that you can use to make your mother feel cherished on this special day.

Phrase 1: أُمّي الحَبيبة

My Beloved Mother – (Ummy alḥabybah)

This phrase translates to “my beloved mother,” a term of endearment that reflects deep affection and respect. It’s a personal and touching way to start any conversation or message on Mother’s Day.

Phrase 2: رِضاكِ يا أُمّي

Your Satisfaction, Oh Mother – (Riḍāky yā ummy)

Expressing a wish for your mother’s happiness and satisfaction is deeply rooted in Arabic culture, highlighting the importance of a mother’s contentment as a source of familial harmony.

Phrase 3: أُحِبُّكِ أُمِّي

I Love You, Mother – (Uḥibbuki ummī)

Simple and profound, this is the universal declaration of love tailored in a respectful and affectionate Arabic form, perfect for Mother’s Day or any day.

Phrase 4: عيدُ أُمٍّ سَعيد

Happy Mother’s Day – (ʻĪdu ummin saʻyd)

Direct and joyful, this greeting is ideal for cards, social media posts, or to accompany a beautiful gift, celebrating this special occasion in a culturally appropriate way.

Phrase 5: سِتُّ الحَبايِب

The Dearest of All – (Sittu alḥabāyib)

Literally translating to “the grandmother of beloved ones,” this phrase is often used to denote someone very dear and cherished in one’s life, making it a perfect phrase for Mother’s Day.

Phrase 6: أُقَبِّلُ يَدَيكِ يا أُمِّي

I Kiss Your Hands, My Mother – (Uqabbilu yadayki yā ummī)

Kissing the hands of one’s parents is a sign of deep respect in many Arabic cultures. This phrase beautifully expresses reverence and gratitude towards one’s mother.

Phrase 7: كُلُّ عامٍ وأنتِ أجمَلُ أمٍّ في الدُّنيا

Every Year, You Become More Beautiful – (Kullu ʻāmin wʼnti ajmalu ummin fī alddunyā)

This lovely compliment not only celebrates her outer beauty but also her evolving inner beauty and wisdom with each passing year.

Phrase 8: أنا مَحظوظٌ لِأنّكِ أُمِّي

I Am Fortunate Because You Are My Mother – (Anā maḥẓwẓun liʼannaki ummī)

Acknowledging the luck and blessing of having one’s mother is a profound sentiment, perfect for expressing the deep gratitude one feels for their mother’s presence and love.

Using these Arabic phrases on Mother’s Day can add a touch of cultural authenticity and heartfelt emotion to your celebration. Whether spoken, written in a card, or shared online, these words are a wonderful way to show your mother how much she means to you, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.

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