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Arabic Word of the Day: شَرِكَة

Welcome to our Arabic Word of the Day.

Today we will talk about the word شَرِكَة /Sharikah/ 

A. Main Meaning

The word شَرِكَة /Sharikah/ has two main meanings:

1. Joint ownership or partnership between two individuals

 Example 1: أَملِكُ مصنَعًا شَركةً مَعَ صَديقي

/Amliku mṣnaʻan sharktan maʻa ṣadyqy/

(I co-own a factory with my friend.)


Example 2: رَبِحتُ مِئةَ ألفٍ شَرِكَةً مَعَ أَخي

/Rabiḥtu miʼta alfin sharikatan maʻa akhy/

(I won a hundred thousand dollars, shared with my brother)

 The word here implies that the money the speaker earned is not solely his; his brother shares it with him.


2. A business institution where multiple employees work

 Example 1: يَعمَلُ إِبراهِيمُ فِي شَرِكَةِ مُنَظِّفاتٍ

/Yaʻmalu ibrāhīmu fī sharikati munaẓẓifātin/

(Ibrahim is employed at a detergent company)

The word here refers to Ibrahim’s role in an institution dedicated to producing and trading detergents. Here is another example:


Example 2: أَعمَلُ في شَرِكَةٍ إِلكِترونِيّةٍ

/Aʻmalu fī sharikatin ilkitrwnīytin/

(I work at an electronic company)

The word here refers to the occupation the speaker has within an institution specializing in electronic devices. 


B. Plural Form

There is a plural form for the word شَرِكَة /Sharikah/ that carries the meaning “company” and that’s شَرِكات / Sharikāt/ i.e. “companies”


C. Collocations

In most cases, the word شَرِكة /Sharikah/, which means company, is paired with other vocabulary to form phrases with specific meanings. 

Here are two example collocations paired with شَرِكَة:

1. Airline Company
Airline Company شَرِكةُ الخُطوطِ الجَويّة
   /Shariktu alkhuṭwṭi aljawyyh/


 The collocation refers to an institution that owns and operates aircraft. 



I traveled to Turkey with the Turkish Air Lines Company       سافَرتُ إلى تُركيا مع شَركِةِ الخُطوطِ الجَوّيّةِ التُّركيّةِ
/Sāfartu ilá turkyā maʻa sharkiti alkhuṭwṭi aljawwyyti altturkyyti/
 2. Equity Company
Equity Company        شَرِكَة أَسْهُمٍ
/Sharikatu ashumin/



I invested in the equity company NASDAQ    استَثمَرتُ في شَركِةِ الأَسهُمِ ناسدِك
/Istathmartu fī sharkiti alʼashumi nāsdik/

D. Main Derivations

Several Arabic words can be derived from the same root word شَرِكَة, including:

1. شَرِيكٌ /Sharīkun/ (partner)
2. مُشَارَكَةٌ /Mushārakatun/       (share)
3. اِشْتِرَاكٌ /Ishtirākun/ (participation)


Example 1:

Ahmed is Samir’s partner in the dairy factory     أحمَدُ شَريكُ سَمير فِي مَصنَعِ الألبانِ
/Aḥmadu sharyku samyr fī maṣnaʻi alʼlbāni/

 Example 2:

Haifa enjoys sharing food with her friend                  هَيفاءُ تُحِبُّ مُشارَكَةِ صَدِيقَتِها فِي الطَعامِ
/Hayfāʼu tuḥibbu mushārakati ṣadīqatihā fī alṭaʻāmi/


Here the word signifies a preference for dining with someone.

The following words are other derivations that stem from the same root شَرِكَة:

1. شَرَاكَةٌ /Sharākatun/ partnership
2. اِشْتِرَاكٌ /Ishtirākun/ participation
3. مُشْتَرَك /Mushtarak/ joint


F. Synonyms

When used to describe a place of employment, the term “company” is synonymous with the word “institution.” For instance, you can say,

I work for AlifBee company.  


I work at AlifBee institution.   

 أَنا أَعمَلُ في شَرِكَةِ أَلِف بي

/Anā aʻmalu fī sharikati alif bī/ 

أَنا أَعمَلُ فِي مُؤسَّسةِ أَلِف بي

/anā aʻmalu fī muʼsaasti alif bī/



G. Antonyms

شركة /Sharikah/   in partnership
خاصّ /Khāṣṣ/ one’s own


I own one factory with my family, and the other one is entirely my own

أَملِكُ مَصنَعينِ واحِدٌ شَركِةً مَعَ عائِلَتي والآخر خاصٌّ لي فقط

/Amliku maṣnaʻyni wāḥidun sharkitan maʻa ʻāʼilaty wa-al-ākhar khāṣṣun lī faqaṭ/

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Dania Ghraoui
Dania has worked as a language instructor and translator for almost 10 years. She has a special interest in the Arabic language and learning methods.
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