Is it worth learning Arabic?

While many people focus on learning English or Chinese language, you are here thinking of learning the Arabic language as a second language. Learning Arabic as a new language may be a good experience and you may view Arabic as an interesting language to learn but you might wonder and ask yourself, is it worth learning Arabic? Will learning Arabic help me in my life? To have these questions answered, please continue reading.

What can I do if I know Arabic?

The Arabic language is one of the important languages around the world. It is the official language for over 20 countries around the world such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. When you are fluent in Arabic, you will have a lot of advantages including:

  • Living in an Arab country

Gaining fluency in Arabic will enable you to communicate with native Arabic speakers. Therefore, you will be able to travel to Arabic countries where you will be able to make new friends and work there if you want.

When you think about it, you will realize that living in an Arab country may have many advantages. For starters, the whole thing can be an amazing experience for you as you get to see new places, meet new people and get to know more cultures.

Furthermore, you can have a chance to have good jobs with a respectable income. Many Arab countries such as the United Arabic Emirates offer tax-free income. When someone asks you is learning Arabic worth it? Just think of all of the new doors that will be open before you just by learning Arabic say YES in full mouth.

  • Studying in Arab universities

Since many of the Arabic countries are trying to improve the levels of their universities, it will be a great idea to aim for having a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from one of them. Being able to speak Arabic is essential to be able to study there.

Studying in countries like UAE or Saudi Arabia will let you save a lot of money and have a degree from some of the finest universities in the world. Furthermore, you can have more opportunities to find a respectable job there after graduation. As a lot of the companies that work in Arabic countries will always need employees with good degrees and skills. 

  • Understanding Islam

The importance of Arabic language comes mainly from the fact that it is the language of the Quran and Sunnah. If you are a Muslim or just interested in learning about Islam, you will need to learn Arabic. Good reading skills in Arabic are necessary to be able to read the Quran and understand the Islamic religion.

You can find plenty of Arabic books about Islam available in Arabic. Learning the Arabic language will give you the opportunity to read them or even translate them to your mother language to help others who did not have the opportunity to learn Arabic.

Since Islam is the second-largest religion around the world, you can expect high demand for translators who know Islam and can understand Arabic.

  • Studying Arab history

If you are studying history, you will find several advantages of learning Arabic. The Arabic language is an ancient language, and you may find transcripts that are written around 500 years CE.

By learning Arabic, you can study many Arabic historical books that are not available in other languages and you will have the chance to dive into the history of the Arab nation.

  • Learning other languages

Arabic is one of the most spoken Semitic languages that do still exist in the present day. The Arabic language is related to many other languages like Turkish, Hebrew, and Farsi. These languages share a lot of similarities between them. Therefore, it is vital for you to understand the importance of learning Arabic language to help learn one or more of these languages.

In other plain words, learning Arabic can give you the basis for learning several other languages. You can end up with good knowledge of a few languages in no time, and this can be useful if you are interested in being an interpreter or a translator and you need to consider this when you are asked is Arabic worth learning?

Is Arabic good for a career?

We all know that being able to speak English is important when you want to apply for many jobs, but did you know that learning Arabic can enhance your career even further? Gaining a better career due to learning Arabic will be reflected on your income and give you more benefits like:

  1. Giving you a better CV: When you are fluent in Arabic, you will have better chances of finding a job in Arab countries. Companies in Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the other Gulf States will find you more qualified when you know how to speak Arabic. Therefore, your chances of having jobs will be higher when you are already fluent in Arabic.

Also, keep in mind that you can have various job opportunities in non-Arabic speaking countries, as many international companies have businesses in Arabic countries and need to have some to translate for them.

  1. Creating new job opportunities: Regardless of the field in which you work, when you are fluent in Arabic you can use your skills to find better job opportunities. Having good language skills can help teach Arabic, work as an Arabic translator and interpreter… etc.
  2. Helping you learn about a new culture: When you learn more about a new culture, you will be able to have new innovative ideas. Good Ideas can help you stand out from your other colleagues.

Is Arabic useful for business?

The importance of Arabic language in business comes mainly from the fact that the economy in Arabic countries is growing rapidly. With around 300 millions of persons who speak Arabic, the Arab world is considered an important market that many companies need to focus on.

Every company knows that you need to have a good understanding of the Arab culture and assess the preferences and needs. Since the Arabic language is the main and official language of most of these countries, it should be clear that you need someone with good Arabic skills.

The economic advantages of learning Arabic language or having someone who can speak Arabic in the company may include:

  1. It will help you study the market: Understanding what the customers need is quite important for business. To do that, you need to know what the customers need and want and what the present problems with the current rivals are. This needs good Arabic language skills when studying Arab markets. As you need to talk to the customers and see the trends on social media in Arabic countries.
  1. It will improve your relationship with customers: When the customer can connect with you and complain about problems, you will have more loyal customers who trust your business.
  2. It will raise the sales: When you can speak Arabic, you will be able to build a better marketing plan and provide your customers with their needs. This in turn can have a great impact on the sales and enable the business to make more money.
  3. It will prevent possible miscommunication: Understanding the language will prevent any possible miscommunication caused by bad translation or even prevent bad decisions since it can help you choose what people see as appropriate and what is not.

Does learning Arabic make you smarter?

The short answer is yes! Learning Arabic will make you smarter just like learning any other foreign language does. However, there can be some extra benefits for the brain from learning Arabic, including:

  1. Learning Arabic is an extensive workout for the brain: Arabic is a hard language. Therefore, your brain will have to make an extra effort to learn it.
  2. It increases your focus on the details: When reading and withing in Arabic, you need to focus on many details. There are a lot of words that look the same with different pronunciations and there is a lot of grammar that you need to pay attention to. So your ability to focusing on details increases by learning Arabic.
  3. You will need both left and right hemispheres to speak Arabic: To practice Arabic, both of your brain hemispheres need to work together. This is because the speaker needs to focus on details while reading and learning Arabic. This can protect your brain over time from diseases like Alzheimer’s and keep it healthy.

Is Arabic language in demand?

A lot of people try to learn Arabic to have better job offers and improve their CVs. But this can lead to a question of how in demand is the Arabic language? Knowing the answer is important to assess if you should put a lot of effort to learn such a complex language or not.

Regarding this question, you need to know that Arabic-speaking people will have better chances of having jobs in many countries and international companies. Being fluent in Arabic can be good for your career and can improve your income. Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for people who speak Arabic for many reasons.

The main reason for that rise in demand for Arabic is the fact that Arabic countries form a big market for many companies. In order for these companies to take their shares of this profitable market, they need people who can speak the language.

Fluency in Arabic can be beneficial in many ways, but the main industries that have demand for Arabic are:

  • Fossil fuel industry: The middle east is one of the main sources of fossil fuel. Since fuel is vital, it is necessary to have someone who can understand Arabic to communicate with Arabic fuel companies. As a result, you will find many job opportunities in Arabic language within companies that deal with oil and fuel segments.
  • Renewable Energy industry: Since the world is trying to move towards clean energy, many countries, including the ones in the Middle East, are working on the adaption of renewable energy.
  • Media: A lot of businesses began to understand the importance of Arabic content on the web and social media to expand the market. Therefore, you can see a lot of them who are trying to find Arabic writers, translators, and content providers.

Is modern standard Arabic used in business?

When dealing with native speakers, you will notice that they do not use Modern Standard Arabic to talk with each other’s. It is more common for locals to use dialects to communicate with each other.

However, all the formal papers, emails, and websites use Modern standard Arabic. This means that learning MSA will help you when dealing with customers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you learn Modern Standard Arabic, you will be able to understand most of the Arabic dialects since they all have some roots from MSA. The most important thing is when you speak MSA, all native Arabic people can understand you easily.

Is Arabic language interpreting a good career?

Being a translator or an interpreter is one of the most important job opportunities in Arabic language. This job will require you to have excellent knowledge of both Arabic and your mother language. but should you really aim for such a job?

As an answer, we will just say that all the companies that deal with Arabic business and companies need to have an interpreter. Having someone to translate is essential for better communication and helps the companies close up the deals more easily.

Just keep in mind that being an interpreter is among career opportunities that require competency in the Arabic language. You need to have advanced skills in Arabic and a good ability to communicate with native speakers.

Is Arabic a beautiful language?

Arabic is considered to be one of the most beautiful languages that exist. Arabic is a language of Art, where you can find a lot of poems and novels are written in Arabic. Plus, Arabic has been used for making Art for a long time. Furthermore, many artists use Arabic words to create amazing portraits.

You can find a lot of old and new Islamic buildings that are decorated with Arabic words. When you understand Arabic, you will notice how beautiful Arabic calligraphy can be. Of course, it can be used for several types of art like paintings and logos.


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