Top 5 Reasons To Learn Arabic

If you want to learn Arabic, you couldn’t choose a more fascinating language. Arabic is the 5th most widely spoken language in the world and the official language of 22 countries and nearly 300 million people. Arabic is also famous for being the language that the Quran is written in, the central religious text of the Islamic religion. 

It isn’t known exactly when the Arabic language formed, but linguists place it sometime around the 2nd century. Not only does the language have roots deep in history, but it will be expected to be one of the few languages that will never go extinct. With a celebration day on the 18th December each year, it’s clear that Arabic is a fascinating and much-celebrated language.

Why You Should Learn Arabic?

There are numerous reasons you should learn Arabic, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top 5 to encourage you to give it a go. 

1. It’s a universal language

In the increasingly connected world of 2020, the languages that we speak help to break the borders between us. For that reason, there has never been a better time to learn Arabic. What better way to learn Arabic than with a highly advanced app utilizing AI and backed by 5 years of research and development?

2. It takes various forms, making it very interesting to learn

Before you embark upon the journey to learn Arabic, you might have many questions such as, ‘is Arabic hard to learn?’ and ‘Should I learn Arabic? You will also need to consider the various forms this language can take. The most commonly spoken version is Modern Standard Arabic which derives from Classic Arabic. While there are many variations of the language including Egyptian Arabic which is spoken by over 55 million people worldwide, Modern Standard Arabic is the language we teach.

3. It will give you a wonderful sense of achievement

When you learn Arabic, you will need to get to grips with several new concepts, including a whole new alphabet and sounds you may not have made before. Those of you who are native English speakers will certainly love the task of memorising an entirely new alphabet. Arabic is written in horizontal lines from right to left, where numbers are written from left to right. It also uses phrases and sounds that your mouth might not be comfortable forming at first. However, over time, the alphabet and pronunciation becomes far easier. You will gain a huge sense of personal achievement if you grasp these concepts.

4. It advances your career

With more people speaking Arabic each year, the career opportunities it provides grow. Learning a second language is always beneficial when seeking jobs as it shows the commitment and skills required. Even if the job doesn’t require Arabic language, the experience will speak to both your character and your determination.

With that said, there are a great many jobs available to Arabic speakers, many of which are highly paid due to the uniqueness of the Arabic language and a shortage of skilled Arabic speakers in certain countries such as the United Kingdom.

But your career isn’t the only thing that learning Arabic benefits. It also expands your cultural awareness.

5. It will expand your cultural horizons

With over 300 million speakers worldwide, learning Arabic can help you connect with so many of them. Whilst many of the 300 million also speak English, what better way to connect with someone than to converse with them than in their native language? The initiative says a lot about you as a person and is something that native Arabic speakers are sure to acknowledge.

Learning Arabic also sets you up to travel to some of the greatest locations in the world. Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, Tunisia and United Arab Emirates are among the many countries where Arabic is widely spoken. Travelling whilst learning a new language is an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience that you will find hard to match elsewhere.

Why should you choose AlifBee?

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Why should you choose AlifBee?

AlifBee is one of the best ways to learn Arabic in 2022, and has taught Arabic to over 500,000 people. Utilizing AI learning technology and built upon 5 years of learning and development, it is designed to support your journey to learning Arabic. AlifBee has everything from learning the Arabic alphabet all the way to advanced lessons that will really test your skills. All of this is delivered through over 21,000 fun and unique exercises.