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How to stay motivated when learning Arabiс?

Stay Motivated When Learning Arabic

Stay Motivated When Learning Arabic

The Arabic language is truly magnificent, and the journey to learning it even more so. Learning Arabic means digging deep into a new and fascinating alphabet, not to mention making certain new sounds and using your mouth in a whole new way.

Learning any language is a rewarding undertaking, so we want to make sure you can learn Arabic in a fun and enjoyable way to maximise the experience. 

What’s important is to focus on the benefits that it will bring. Some say that learning languages is one of the most fulfilling things you can do with your time. Not only does it give you access to another culture, but it also provides you with new career opportunities and gives you an insight into who you are as a human. For these reasons, we’ve put together a list of ways to stay motivated when learning Arabic.

Remember why you started learning Arabic

With anything you do, it’s crucial that you have a good reason why. That way, as you face challenges, you can overcome them by reinforcing your mindset. Your reason for learning could be something as simple as wanting to travel to a foreign country and communicate with locals. Or it could be more meaningful, like wanting to reach out to Arabic speaking family members and build deeper connections with your heritage. Regardless, you should always keep this at the forefront of your mind when learning Arabic.

Balance the time you spend learning Arabic

There are varying schools of thought on how long you should spend learning a language. Some suggest 10-15 minutes a day whilst others recommend no less than an hour. Not spending enough time learning can seriously slow down your journey to being fluent in Arabic. On the other hand, studying too much can leave you burnt out. Loading too much information into your brain at once might mean you also forget it quickly. It’s vital that you balance the amount of time you spend learning Arabic against the rest of your life. Set goals for future benchmarks and consider how much time you will need to spend learning to reach them.

Find others to learn Arabic with

Learning something new is always easier more fun if you do it alongside others with similar goals. See if anyone you know would be interested in learning Arabic with you. Alternatively, you can look towards online communities on Facebook or WhatsApp groups. You could even look for established meet up groups on websites such as By encouraging one another to reach your goals, it becomes easier to manage and provides you with more stay motivated and on-task.

Start to immerse yourself within the culture

The more you learn of Arabic, the more you can engage with their culture. Start by watching movies and tv shows with subtitles. This is a great way to become familiar with the language and listen out for words and phrases you understand. As you progress you can start to read books, watch YouTube videos from Arabic YouTubers and reach out to native Arabic speakers.

An excellent step to mark your progress would be to travel to an Arabic speaking country. Consider it both a reward for your efforts and a great way to put your new skills to the test. Whilst there, you can begin communicating with Arabic speakers in their home countries and will surely learn some new things along the way.

Make sure you have the right resources

Learning a language as difficult as Arabic is a serious challenge. What better way to aid your learning than with an app designed to teach you Arabic? Certain resources such as books and online videos can discourage you from learning as you feel like you aren’t making any progress under their methods. So, make sure that you choose a method of learning that is right for you.

Why choose AlifBee?

AlifBee is one of the best ways to learn Arabic in 2020, and has taught Arabic to over 250,000 people. Utilizing AI learning technology and built upon 5 years of learning and development, it is designed to support your journey to learning Arabic. AlifBee has everything from learning the Arabic alphabet all the way to advanced lessons that will really test your skills. All of this is delivered through over 21,000 fun and unique exercises.

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