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Sustainable Development Conference 2023: Spotlight on AlifBee’s Triumph in Başakşehir

At the heart of Başakşehir’s innovative pulse was a groundbreaking event, the Sustainable Development Conference 2023. But what stood out most was the journey of AlifBee, a trailblazing Arabic learning app, which not only marked its significant presence but also exemplified the power of persistence and innovation in the EduTech sector. Co-organized by Building Markets, Başakşehir Municipality, and the business incubator Living Lab, this event became a beacon for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs aspiring to achieve sustainable growth.


Spotlighting Başakşehir: A Hub of Innovation and Growth

Başakşehir Municipality has made a concerted effort to foster innovation and enterprise, ardently supporting budding entrepreneurs. This conference was yet another testament to their dedication. Hosted at the Başakşehir Living Lab, the epicenter of technological incubation, attendees were provided insights on a plethora of topics from the role of digital technology in entrepreneurship to the intricacies of SME development.


A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Growth

The conference didn’t limit itself to theoretical knowledge. Entrepreneurs were also offered practical advice in areas such as mentor support, marketing, and investor relations. Attendees also had the opportunity for invaluable face-to-face interactions with influential market players.


The wide range of areas covered included:

  • Education Technology (EduTech)
  • Circular economy and creative economy
  • Advances in Programming, AI, and robotic technology
  • FinTech and Growth Hacking
  • Social impact and the integral role of women in it
  • Developments in transport, logistics, health, and tourism sectors.
  • Recognizing Excellence


Sharing, Learning, Growing

Building Markets’ first Sustainable Growth Conference in Turkey drew over 200 attendees, including experts and business leaders. Backed by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Immigration, the event was a melting pot of technical training workshops, enlightening talks, and networking opportunities. It emphasized the pivotal role digital growth plays in the success of small businesses and aimed to equip them with the necessary digital skills.


Voices of the Conference

Speakers at the conference comprised a mix of seasoned professionals and emerging talents in the sustainable development sector. Yasin Kartoglu, the Mayor of Başakşehir, and Bora Arijan, the Director of Building Markets, were among the distinguished personalities who attended the event. Dr. Tahseen Al-Sharbaji represented AlifBee at the conference, underscoring its significant contributions to education technology (EduTech).

Other notable speakers included Mr. Mohamed Ayash, who spearheads business development for the AlifBee application, Mohammed Al-Aktaa, the visionary CEO of the Harmony Project, and Alaeddin Aksoy, Director of Development and Education at Bidding Markets. Together, their collective expertise and insights provided attendees with a comprehensive view of sustainable growth.


AlifBee’s Meteoric Rise: A Testament to Resilience and Innovation

Among the conference’s crowning achievements was the spotlight on AlifBee’s unparalleled journey to success. Beginning its development journey in 2017, AlifBee’s creators envisioned a two-year runway to launch. Yet, as is often the case with true innovation, they encountered a series of formidable challenges. Initial delays stemmed from developmental hiccups, and post-launch, the team aimed to increase subscriptions by identifying the Arabic Learner’s motivation in learning the language and promoting self-discipline which is key to self-learning. Recognizing that understanding the motivations behind learning was key, AlifBee’s team dived deep into market research. Compounded with financial limitations and marketing challenges, it would have been easy for AlifBee to falter. However, resilience and adaptability defined their approach.

Their strategic response included targeted initiatives like engaging with schools, the inception of the AlifBee Academy, launching Literacy Programs, and introducing comprehensive educational institution packages. These endeavors weren’t just solution-oriented; they were visionary. By ensuring its product catered to the diverse needs of the learning community, AlifBee rapidly solidified its reputation as a trailblazer in EduTech. Their dedication, ingenuity, and resilience didn’t just yield high user engagement; they garnered industry recognition and also became Pearson Assured. The pinnacle of their journey was celebrated at the Sustainable Development Conference 2023 when AlifBee was awarded the prestigious “2023 EdTech Excellence Award”. It stands as a powerful testament to what determination, innovation, and adaptability can achieve, even in the face of adversity.

Award at Sustainable Development Conference

2023 EdTech Excellence Award

Highlights from AliBee’s Workshop

At the conference, Dr. Tahseen Al-Sharbaji and Mr. Mohamed Ayyash conducted a workshop titled “The Future of Education and Training.” The session delved into the various types of e-learning, presenting the best methods and the latest studies aimed at serving learners and helping them achieve their educational objectives. It also highlighted the foundational pillars of education and emphasized the significance of a robust curriculum and its defining characteristics. Moreover, the role of teachers or trainers in ensuring the success of the learning process was discussed, along with an exposition on how AlifBee leveraged its team’s expertise in developing high-quality educational curricula that optimize benefits while minimizing effort and time, catering to contemporary needs.

The workshop also explained the pros and cons of self-learning. A case in point was how AlifBee has been successful in devising effective strategies that have transformed self-learning into a unique and rewarding experience. Moreover, an integral part of the session was dedicated to the utilization of artificial intelligence, elucidating its advantages in the educational domain and its profound impact on the learning process.

In wrapping up, AlifBee showcased its products and projects as epitomes of successful endeavors, reflecting the workshop’s teachings. These projects included:

  • Literacy courses for children in refugee camps.
  • Training sessions for teachers on the integration of technology in education.
  • Arabic language courses tailored for non-Arabic speaking employees in Arab organizations.
  • Arabic language workshops for children globally.



In Conclusion

The Sustainable Development Conference 2023 was not just another event on the calendar. It became a testament to the resilience and innovation of entities like AlifBee. Amidst the luminaries and tech aficionados, AlifBee’s narrative of overcoming challenges and securing the prestigious “2023 EdTech Excellence Award” emerged as an inspiring saga for SMEs everywhere. Başakşehir, through events like these and with champions like AlifBee, is forging its path to global recognition in sustainable development.




Dania Ghraoui
Dania has worked as a language instructor and translator for almost 10 years. She has a special interest in the Arabic language and learning methods.
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