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What is the best way to learn Arabic?

Even though Arabic is considered one of the most difficult languages that exist, you can find many people who aim to learn it. As the reasons to learn Arabic vary, so do the methods.

You can find some learning methods that require a long time to master Arabic and others that uses some of the new tools like online platforms. This can make you ask about the best method to learn Arabic. But is there a best way to learn Arabic? If so, what is the best method to learn Arabic?

How to learn Arabic?

Learning Arabic can be hard, especially for beginner students who have no background in the Arabic language. Yet, it is not impossible for you to learn the Arabic language.

To make learning Arabic easier for you, you should know that the entire process is long and progressive. Therefore, going down the road step by step will help you learn and improve your language skills.

The steps of learning Arabic

Trying to learn Arabic can be intimidating, as you will find yourself facing a new language with different symbols and grammar. But as they say, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And starting from the right step will get you to achieve your goal. So here are the steps of learning Arabic:

  1. Choose the Arabic you want to learn

Even with Arabic being the official language of several countries in the Middle East, each country has a unique dialect. When you want to learn Arabic, it is essential to choose a suitable dialect depending on your purpose of learning.

The Arabic dialect you need for studying in a university is different from the one you need to speak with native Arabic speakers. However, learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) might be the best for you to learn, because when you learn MSA you can communicate with every Arabic speaker.

  1. Choose a plan for learning

You have to choose the method for learning Arabic, whether it is learning Arabic in a class or with the help of online tools or platforms.

  1. Study the basics of Arabic

You need to start from the basics and start working on the letters and the alphabet moving forward to learning new words, Arabic verbs, sentence structures, and grammar. This is essential to learn and understand Arabic.

How to learn Arabic online?

Learning Arabic online can be the perfect solution for people who have no Arabic lessons nearby. But learning Arabic online involves a lot of different methods.

Some of the online platforms teach Arabic by providing tutors that can teach via webcam. Others offer special programs that can help the learner learn new words with their pronunciation and translation.

Other online platforms will let you watch videos that show expert tutors explaining certain grammar that you need to improve your skill levels.

Each one of online learning platforms for Arabic will have some pros and cons. Therefore, you need to choose the one that you see fit.

How to learn Arabic language to understand Quran?

The Quran is written in the old classical Arabic language. Therefore, you need to be able to understand Quranic Arabic to have a good reading or listening comprehension for the Quran.

Modern Standard Arabic is a lighter version of Arabic compared to classical Arabic. This means that learning MSA alone will not be enough to understand the Quran. However, you can start by learning Modern standard Arabic and study classical Arabic when you get better at Arabic.

Best way to learn Arabic

When learning a new language like Arabic, we tend to look for shortcuts and search for the best way to learn Arabic. However, it is important to know that fast routes are not good for your learning process.

Whether you choose to learn Arabic in a class, with an online tutor, or with a learning App, you need to do the following if you are hoping to get better at Arabic.

  1. Start speaking Arabic from the first day

This does not mean that you need to speak Arabic fluently like a native speaker, but you should start to try reading and speaking Arabic from the beginning and on daily basis. It does not matter if you do not know a lot of vocabulary. Just try to read and speak in Arabic.

  1. Arabic immersion

Many people use language immersion to learn new languages by traveling to new countries and learning the language from dealing with locals. However, traveling is not the only way to immerse yourself in Arabic.

One of the possible ways is to switch the language of your phone and your social media to Arabic and try listening to Arabic music. You can also keep an Arabic radio open so you can get used to hearing the language or go to YouTube to watch some videos in Arabic whether they are music videos or any type of videos.

  1. Language learning Apps

Many apps can help you learn Arabic. Each of them has a unique way to teach Arabic to language learners, but they will be beneficial no matter what the method they use is. One of the best Apps to learn Arabic is AlifBee.

AlifBee is a good app to learn Arabic words, grammar, and improve your language skills. The App will provide regular tests to make sure you are learning well.

  1. Learn new words from reading

Did you know that you do not actually need an Arabic dictionary all the time to know the meaning of a new word? When you face a word you do not know while you are reading a text, you can predict the meaning from context. This will help you remember the meaning.

What is the easiest way to learn Arabic?

Learning Arabic means that you have to deal with new sets of grammar, memorize new words, study new symbols. This can make several learners look for ways to learn Arabic quickly. So now you are here asking what is the easiest way to learn Arabic?

  1. Learn Arabic in a fun way

If you look at learning Arabic as a lame task that you do not like, you will take a lot of time to learn the language. In fact, learning Arabic does not have to be hard and boring. There are many ways that can make learning Arabic fun and enjoyable for you.

You can start by reading some of the topics that interest you, grab a magazine and start reading entertaining articles. You can also watch Arabic movies, listen to Arabic songs, etc.

When you have fun, you will learn better and remember all the grammar and the new words faster and more effectively.

  1. Try to be a copy and imitate native speakers

Books and magazines are important to know about the Arabic culture and learn about grammar and syntax. However, to learn and master speaking, you need to learn and master the sounds of each word and practice a lot.

To make sure you are learning how to pronounce Arabic words right, you need to learn from native Arabic speakers. If you cannot meet Arabic people in person and talk to them, you can use the internet resource.

You can find plenty of videos on the internet for people talking in Arabic. Try to pick some of them with clear sentences and try to repeat what is said. It is recommended that you try to record what you are saying and compare it to the original.

  1. Be confident

When you are learning a new language, you will make many mistakes. Maybe you will pronounce a word wrong, add an extra letter to a word, form a sentence without a verb and that is totally OK as long as you learn from your mistakes.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes and do not worry about anybody making fun of your mistakes. The mistake you make today will make you a step closer to fluency tomorrow.

  1. Learn the alphabet

Knowing the alphabet is essential to learning any new language. But have you noticed that you are still unable to read new words even after you have learned the 28 letters of the alphabet? Well, that may be because you are learning the alphabet wrong.

Do not get us wrong, the Arabic alphabet is not that hard, but some mistakes are made when people try to learn the Arabic alphabet.

To learn the Arabic alphabet the easy way, you need to know that the sound of the letter is different from its name. The sound is what you need to learn to be able to recognize words from listening and be able to read.

You also need to know all of the forms of each letter. The letters are often portrayed in the isolated form when displayed in the alphabet. But when used to form a word, it can be written in different shapes according to their place within the word.

Tips for learning Arabic

Hard work alone is not all you need to learn new languages like Arabic. Sometimes you need to work smart. Here are tips to learning Arabic that can help you learn Arabic more quickly.

  1. Write down new words

New words in Arabic can be hard to remember sometimes. It can be a good idea to write down new words in a special notebook so you can review them later. When you use the notebook to create a vocabulary list, you are less likely to forget these new words.

  1. Watch movies with subtitles

Watching movies can be a great way to learn a language. Watching an Arabic movie with Arabic subtitles will let you improve your reading and listening skills. Watching an Arabic movie with English subtitles can have some benefits too, especially if the movie has many new words.

  1. Practice Arabic every day

You should find some time to learn Arabic every day even if only for a little time. Try to read the vocabulary you already have in your notebook, listen to a song or read a magazine. When you have daily study time, you will learn Arabic more effectively.

  1. Find someone to talk to

Some websites allow you to talk to people from the Arab world if you do not have anyone to talk to. Talking to Arab people can help you test your skills and improve your ability to speak and listen.

  1. Use an App to learn Arabic

Apps can help you learn Arabic easily. They are accessible at any time and can teach you a lot of grammar rules and new words.

AlifBee is an example of Arabic learning apps that can accompany to in learning Arabic whatever your current level in Arabic is.

  1. Buy a good language book

Language books are specifically designed to teach the basics of the language. You can use them to know more about grammar and syntax and to read plenty of articles about Arabic culture.

What is the best method to learn Arabic?

Many Arabic learners Ask about the best method for learning Arabic. Is it learning in a class? Or is it learning via online platforms? To answer this, we need to have a comparison between both of them.

The best thing about learning Arabic online is that you can have access to the platforms any time and anywhere. They are cheap and most of them come with a user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, learning apps have many quizzes and can teach you important vocabulary that you can use in daily life. Some of them will teach you the grammar of Arabic to help you form structured sentences.

On the other hand, learning Arabic in a class means that you will learn Arabic from an expert teacher. This can make you understand grammar and syntax better, but it can also mean that you will have the teacher not being quite focused on you.

Another disadvantage of learning in class is that you will have to commit to specific appointments. In addition, going to and from the class can take a lot of time.

Another way is to use the help of a private tutor. This can be a better way to learn, but it can be more expensive than both of the previous ways can.

So now, what is the best method for English speakers to learn Arabic? You have to decide for yourself based on your preferences.

Which dialect of Arabic should I learn?

It is common for Arabic learners to ask which Arabic dialect to learn? Or what is the best Arabic dialect to learn? You have a few options depending on your purpose of learning Arabic.

  1. Modern Standard Arabic:

This can be the best dialect to learn if your learning planning leads to studying in an Arabic school. MSA is officially used and understood in all Arab countries.

  1. Classical Arabic:

If your purpose of learning Arabic is to read and understand the Quran, your best choice would be Classical Arabic.

  1. Colloquial Arabic

This one will be good for people who want to learn Arabic due to moving to an Arabic-speaking country. Colloquial Arabic is different from one country to another. Therefore, you need to choose the dialect that is used in the country to which you are traveling.


Learning Arabic is a long process that needs commitment and patience. All learners seek the best way to learn Arabic. However, choosing the Arabic learning way depends greatly on the learner himself or herself.

With the wide spread of Internet and mobile apps. Many people find it better to learn Arabic online. If you are considering this, AlifBee might be your best companion for learning Arabic the best way online and for achieving the fastest progress in learning Arabic. Try AlifBee now free.


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