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How Do I Get Better at Arabic?

How do I get better at Arabic?

As every Arabic language learner knows that Arabic is one of the hardest languages in the world. Learning Arabic for foreigners can be hard and you will probably start with poor to fair language skills. However, this does not mean that you will always maintain these bad levels in Arabic.

With practice over time and hard work, you will be able to improve your Arabic communication skills and become better at Arabic. However, you will need to work on each of your language skills and be patient and confident in yourself.

How can I improve my Arabic skills?

Knowing how to improve your Arabic language skills is essential for you to go through the learning process. Learning the basics and the grammar of the Arabic language are necessary to make you a beginner in Arabic. But if this is not your language goal and you want to gain fluency in Arabic, you definitely start to look for ways to develop your language skills.

First, you need to know that when you ask “how to improve your Arabic language skill”, then you need to expect a lot of work. Trying to become a fluent Arabic speaker requires you to work on getting better at writing, speaking, listening, and reading.

Here are some ways to help you improve your Arabic language skills and step on the road to fluency.

Improving your listening in Arabic

Listening is very important so that you can understand others and have a conversation. There are several ways to improve your listening skills. One of the main ways is mirroring. Mirroring involves you listening to audio and repeating what you hear.

Another important thing is to listen to a lot of audio in Arabic. Listening to songs, radio, and videos on YouTube are great listening exercises. Watching Arabic videos with Arabic subtitles can also be beneficial to compare what you hear to the shown subtitles.

How to improve Arabic speaking skills

Knowing how to pronounce Arabic words and gaining the ability to speak to a native speaker are two different things. To become able to express yourself verbally in Arabic you need to master the speaking skills first and have the ability to bring up Arabic words instantly from your mind spontaneously.

Improving your speaking skills in Arabic needs a lot of practice. You need to practice speaking Arabic continuously until you get used to the language. There are several ways to do so including:

  • Mirroring: One of the best ways to help you improve speaking skills in Arabic is to mirror native speakers. You can do this by watching videos in Arabic and repeating what they say over and over. Recording what you say and comparing it to the original video will help you notice your mistakes and let walk down the path to reach perfect pronunciation.
  • Speaking with a learning partner: Practicing speaking with someone is essential to help you break the language barrier and improve Arabic communication skills. You do not need to worry about making mistakes when speaking as your main goal here should be getting used to speak Arabic and trying to acquire native Arabic accent.
  • Learning common phrases: You need to learn all or most of the common phrases that are used in Arabic. You can separate them into categories like “common phrases in the market”, “common phrases in the Airport” etc.

Improving your reading in Arabic

Reading can be hard if you are a beginner in Arabic, especially when you do not have enough vocabulary to understand what you are reading. To help you become a better reader in Arabic, it can be good to start with something easy like children’s books as they can be short, simple, and easy to understand.

Another good way for improving reading in Arabic is to read parallel texts and books. Reading a sentence with translation is quite beneficial for beginners and can help you better understand the texts.

At this point, as you have a bigger vocabulary list and you can understand larger texts with less need for the dictionary, you should improve speed reading Arabic. A good way to increase your reading speed is focusing on one specific genre. You can choose something related to your field of study or books for one author maybe.

By picking similar books, you will see the same words and make you able to understand the meaning from the context therefore you can read continuously without having to pause and use a dictionary more often.

Little by little, you can increase the difficulty level for the books you choose. When you notice that you are more capable of reading easily, you can go for books with harder vocabulary and more complex expressions.

How to improve my Arabic writing skills?

To get better at writing in Arabic, you need to improve your knowledge of Arabic grammar and know how to spell the words right. When you do not have a teacher, you can use the help of YouTube videos and apps like AlifBee to know more about grammar.

AlifBee has several lessons that can help you understand, practice, and master Arabic grammar. It can also help you practice spelling and know many important words in a variety of subjects.

What is the best way to learn the Arabic subject?

Many people may say that reading Arabic is the best way to start learning the language. This can be a good idea if you have a teacher of Arabic to help you with the pronunciation and the grammar. Otherwise, you will feel lost.

So if you want to learn Arabic without a teacher, your best choice is to start with a learning app. Apps that teach Arabic are perfect for beginners. It can help you know the alphabet and teach you important everyday vocabulary and important grammar in parallel.

Another good way to learn and improve your Arabic learning is to watch Arabic learning videos on YouTube. There are many channels and videos that can help you understand grammar and improve your listening practice and speaking skills in Arabic.

You can also improve your Arabic skills by contacting native Arabic speakers. Talking to Arabic speakers will have a big impact on both listening and speaking skills. This can help you enhance your pronunciation and make you understand Arabic faster. Texting native Arabic speakers can also be beneficial for your writing and reading skills.

Which version of Arabic is the easiest to learn?

Since every Arabic country has a unique dialect, many people who want to learn Arabic think it would be better to focus on learning one of the popular dialects immediately. However, trying to start your learning with a common dialect is not a good idea.

It is true that learning a dialect can make it easier to speak with locals if you want to travel to a certain Arabic country. However, starting with learning a dialect can be complicated. Arabic dialects do not have clear written rules and grammar. You can only learn Arabic dialects from Arabic native speakers by talking to them.

So which Arabic dialect to learn? You may be wondering. The best answer we have to you is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).

Modern Standard Arabic has clear grammars that you can find and learn from different sources. Learning them will allow you to know how to form words and sentences, read, and speak making it the easiest Arabic dialect to learn. Thus, you will be able to learn other dialects later.

Another advantage of learning Modern Standard Arabic is that it is similar to the language of Quran and the language that is used to write books and magazines. Learning it will allow you to study in Arabic countries and surf Arabic websites.

One of the ways to learn MSA is AlifBee app that can help you learn the Arabic language regardless of your current knowledge in Arabic.

Most spoken Arabic Dialects

After you learn Modern Standard Arabic, it would be a good idea to learn one of the most popular Arabic dialects if you are planning to travel to an Arabic country. The best Arabic dialect to learn may be Egyptian Arabic dialect, as it can be understood in most of the Arabic countries.

How can I maintain my Arabic skills?

The old saying “use it or lose it” definitely applies to any new language you learn. This means that if you do not practice the language, you will forget it over time. So, how can you maintain your Arabic skills? There are several possible ways to maintain the level of Arabic you have gained with all the hard work, including:

  1. Listening to Arabic Songs frequently

You can find many songs on YouTube in MSA. Listening to a song, preferably with lyrics, will help you maintain both listening and reading skills. Plus, if you listen to certain songs long enough you will be able to sing with the song which can serve as an exercise of speaking. Since music is fun, you can view this more as an entertainment method.

  1. Reading books and magazines in Arabic

Reading the news in Arabic once every week or a few weeks can be a good way to maintain your reading skills. It can also prevent you from forgetting a lot of the vocabulary that you have already learned.

  1. Speaking to an Arabic friend

If you have Arabic friends, try contacting them every once in a while. Phone calls are great to keep in touch with them and maintain your speaking skills.

  1. Use Learning apps

Arabic learning apps can help you maintain all of your skills. AlifBee for example provides numerous lessons for all the language skills. It can even help you remember a lot of important vocabulary for everyday life.

  1. Attend social events

Even if you are not living in an Arabic country, you are likely to find an Arabic community near you. You can go there and attend parties and traditional events. This can give you a great chance to meet Arabic speaking people who you can communicate in Arabic, and maybe you will make some friends there.

  1. Teach Arabic to Others

Yes, you can teach Arabic even if you are not a native speaker. Teaching Arabic to others will prevent you from forgetting the language and help you make some extra money in the process. Try teaching Arabic to beginners and teach them Arabic letters and grammar rules, sounds, vowels, and common phrases.

Is there online platforms to help master Arabic?

If you are wondering how to learn Arabic online, you have to know that there are many available online language learning tools that can help you learn and master Arabic. These apps and online platforms offer a variety of services to help you learn Arabic. Are you wondering where to learn Arabic online? Here is a list of some of the best Arabic learning app and online platforms:

  1. AlifBee

AlifBee app is one of the best applications to learn Arabic and master it. AlifBee has learning levels from beginner to advanced, so you can start learning Arabic with AlifBee regardless of your current knowledge in Arabic.

With AlifBee, you will learn the alphabet, Arabic grammars, new words in a variety of subjects, reading, listening, and writing. The platform will help you learn and master Modern Standard Arabic at reasonable prices, which make it the best Arabic learning platform for beginners.

You can use AlifBee app on android and iOS, and you can use the website to access your lessons from desktop, laptop, and mobile phone. When you register, you will have access to several lessons for free to test the app before subscribing.

  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a one of the best Arabic learning apps if you are planning to learn Arabic as a second language. Duolingo can teach you a lot of vocabulary. However, it is not your best choice to learn about Arabic grammar.

  1. Preply

This platform is good if you want to talk to native Arabic speakers. You can find many native Arab people from several Arabic countries to talk to and improve your language skills. You can also find some Arabic tutors who can help you learn and practice Arabic.

Last word

Always keep in mind that learning Arabic is a non-stop process. You should always practice the language to avoid forgetting it, which is something you can do with the help of AlifBee with fun at good prices.

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