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How to Learn Arabic Quickly

Arabic is one of the hardest languages on earth especially if you are learning Arabic as a second language. When you start learning Arabic, you will find out that it can be a little bit confusing for many reasons like the fact that it is written from right to left and the presence of some sounds that do not exist in other languages like the letters “ق” and “ض”.

But hold on a little bit! This does not necessarily mean that you cannot learn Arabic. In fact, there are some ways that can help you master all the language skills of Arabic and become fluent in Arabic.

If you are planning on learning Arabic fast, we have good news for you. It is possible if you are going to work hard enough to do it. In this article, we will help you discover some of the best ways to learn Arabic fast.

How to learn Arabic Quickly

If you are thinking of moving to one of the Arab countries and working there, you will surely need to learn Arabic beforehand. Even though you can find a lot of people who can speak English there, knowing how to speak Arabic can help you break the language barrier and make it easier for you to make new friends and be more productive in your job.

While searching for the quickest way to learn Arabic, you will find a lot of different methods. But what you need to know is that you will not be able to find a general learning plan that can fit all learners. What you can find is some learning techniques and advice that can help you learn Arabic quick.

1. Use learning Apps to learn Arabic

Using learning Apps is one of the common answers to the question “what’s the best way to learn Arabic fast”. Nowadays, you can find a lot of advanced learning apps that can help you learn and master Arabic.

One of the main advantages of these apps is their availability. You can have access to them anytime and anywhere. You can take advantage of your lost time to learn Arabic like when you are riding the bus to your work.

Learning Apps can teach you the right way to pronounce a lot of words and sentences you need in everyday situations. They can also teach you how to write and pronounce Arabic letters, and a lot more.

2. Read Bilingual books

When you ask: “how to learn to read Arabic fast” one of the good answers will be by reading bilingual books. At the beginning of your journey to learn Arabic, you will not know the meaning of most of the Arabic words. Therefore, reading books or articles in Arabic can be somehow hard. These bilingual books can help you practice reading, learn new vocabulary and have some fun in the process.

3. Watch Arabic movies

Watching Arabic movies or series can be a great way to improve your Arabic language skills. Arabic movies can have a big impact on the pace of your learning. It can help you improve your listening skills and may teach you more about Arabic culture.

You can even increase the benefits of watching movies and TV shows by turning on Arabic subtitles while watching. Reading the subtitles as you hear the words will help you grow your vocabulary list, understand correct grammar, and increase the speed of your reading.

Gaining all of these benefits from watching movies can speed up your learning process and help you speak and read just like an Arab native speaker.

4. Communicating with native speakers

If you want to learn to speak Arabic fast, we would advise you to communicate with Arabic speakers. Having a friend or someone to talk to from the Arabic-speaking world can be a great way to practice common language.

By trying to mirror the person you are talking to, you will improve your speaking skills and learn the correct pronunciation of basic vocabulary. As a result, you will have a better Arabic accent and the ability to speak Arabic fast and confidently.

You can also benefit from chatting with native Arabic speaker to improve both reading and writing skills in Arabic. Another advantage you will gain is learning more about Arabic culture, which is important to gain fluency in Arabic.

How quickly could I learn Arabic?

It can be quite hard to estimate the precise amount of time that is needed to learn Arabic. The answer can range from a few months to several years depending on the level you are willing to achieve.

On average, it is possible to say that you can achieve beginner’s level in a few months, intermediate level in about a year, and advanced level in about two years. However, these numbers can increase or decrease depending on the amount of time you dedicate to learning Arabic, the methods you use, and the effort you put to practice.

Learn Arabic the fast and fun way

Learning new languages, especially if they are hard like Arabic, can be a long and exhausting process. Therefore, you need to find fun ways to learn Arabic especially if you are looking for the best way to learn Arabic for kids.

Fun ways to learn Arabic for kids

Kids have a lot going in inside their heads. They are thinking of playing, watching cartoons, going out with friends, etc. To encourage them on working on learning Arabic, it is vital to create a fun learning process.

This leads us to the question of how to learn Arabic fast in a fun way? Luckily, we have a few good solutions for you

1. Playing Video games

The best way to prevent your kid from seeing learning Arabic as something that prevents them from playing video games is to let them play games that can teach them Arabic. This can be helpful especially when they start learning as it can help them get more interested in Arabic.

You can find plenty of fun games and puzzles to help your kid learn Arabic. These games are especially designed to make learning Arabic more appealing and interesting for your kids, thus they can spend more time learning without feeling bored.

2. Listening to Arabic music

Songs and music are fun and interesting, and using them can help your kids learn Arabic the fast and fun way. The good thing about learning Arabic using songs is that you do not have to worry about finding the resources as you can find a lot of fun songs on the internet.

Some websites such as YouTube can help you add subtitles to the videos as you watch them. You can add English subtitles to help the kids understand the lyrics of the songs and then change the subtitles to Arabic so they can see how the words are written as they hear them.

3. Reading Arabic stories

Reading stories is something every child enjoys a lot. Luckily, you can use this enjoyable activity to help them learn Arabic fast. If your children are beginners in Arabic, you can start with bilingual stories. They will help your child understand the story and learn more vocabulary by comparing both texts.

After gaining more experience in Arabic, they will be able to read stories and novels in mere Arabic. Reading Arabic stories will help the kids learn more about the Arabic culture and, therefore, improve their reading skills while they are having a good time.

4. Arabic learning apps for kids

Many developers understand that kids need special apps to enjoy learning Arabic. Therefore, you will find several apps that have kids’ versions of the learning App. One of the popular ones is AlifBeekids.

This app offers an amazing learning experience for kids. It has plenty of interactive entertaining activities to teach Arabic such as games and songs. Be assured that this app can enrich the kids’ Arabic vocabulary and help them learn Arabic while they are playing and having fun.

Learn Arabic fast in a fun way for adults

Making the process of learning Arabic fun and joyful should not be exclusive to children and kids. You also as an adult can benefit from finding fun ways to learn Arabic. This is why we will give you several entertaining methods to learn Arabic and improve your Arabic skills.

1. Using Karaoke

Many karaoke apps allow you to sing along with others. You can sing live with real Arab people or choose to sing with an existing video. Either way, you can improve your speaking skills by trying to mirror the words and saying them out loud.

2. Changing the language setting of your phone and social media accounts to Arabic

We all spend a long time on our phones each day. Therefore, changing the language settings to Arabic can be a good idea to get used to using Arabic in your daily life. It can be a bit hard at the beginning, but you will get used to it. Just remember how to change the setting back to your local language if you needed to.

3. Chatting and talking to native Arabic people

Talking to a native Arabic friend can help you improve your communication skills in Arabic. All you have to do is to go out together and maybe grab a launch or have a drink and try to speak in Arabic. If you do not have a friend who can speak Arabic, you can use some of the chat apps.

Plenty of apps allow you to talk to strangers over the internet. You will definitely find someone who is interested in talking to you. Talking with random people can help you get to know more about Arabic culture and learn a lot of new words in Arabic.

4. Reading books and novels

We are not talking here about learning books but real books. Reading for the pleasure of reading only can help a lot to enhance reading skills in Arabic. This method has many advantages. It can make reading faster, lets you learn many new words (you might need a dictionary though), and tell you more about how Arabic people live and think.

5. Listening to Arabic audiobooks

Another fun way for learning Arabic fast is to listen to Arabic audiobooks. You can choose a book you have already read in your local language or even a new book. Whatever it is you choose, you find these books quite helpful and fun.

Audiobooks are made with the help of fluent Arabic speakers who can speak in a clear accent. Listening to them can improve your understanding of the Arabic language and help you speak better if you try to mirror the teller.

6. Learning jokes and quotes

You surely know a lot of quotes and sayings in your mother language. In Arabic, you will find sayings that have the same meanings, and learning them can be entertaining.

Learning jokes on the other hand is also good for learning Arabic. They can help you remember some more vocabulary because laughing at something will make it stick into your memory for a long time..

How to learn and memorize Arabic vocabulary

An important part of learning and mastering Arabic is learning new words and memorizing them. Having a larger vocabulary means that you can enhance your understanding of others when they talk to you and improve your ability to express yourself when you try to speak or write.

The problem that many Arabic students may have is that they find it difficult to remember new words. Therefore, we will give you tips for memorizing Arabic vocabulary:

1. Put Arabic vocabulary into basic sentences

One of the most successful strategies for memorizing new vocabulary is to use them in sentences. A full sentence will help you understand the meaning of the word and let you remember it faster.

2. Use lists of words

Many people will write all the new words in a small notebook. However, to memorize them faster, it could be helpful to make multiple lists categorized by theme. For example, have a list of words that are about business, another one about farming, etc.

3. Reduce the use of translation

We all need to use an Arabic dictionary and translate the words into our mother language to know their meanings. But instead of doing this, try to use other Arabic words to explain their meaning.

Using synonyms you already know to help you remember new words is an effective way to remember both new and old vocabulary.

4. Revise and repeat the new vocabulary

Repetition has a great benefit to your memory. When you repeat something enough, you will memorize it and remember it for a long time. Thus, you should revise the list of new vocabulary more often.

One way of doing this is to try to write all the new words you are trying to memorize in a notebook. This can help you remember the way they are written and their meanings at once.

5. Use AlifBee App

Using AlifBee app will help you a lot to memorize new Arabic vocabulary fast. This app understands the importance of memorizing common vocabulary for gaining fluency in Arabic. Therefore, you will find a lot of lessons that aim to help you memorize new words.

Using the app will help you practice the pronunciation of the words, revise each list of vocabulary at a time, and know the meaning of the words. Therefore, you will have better chances of memorizing them.

Another advantage of using AlifBee is that it has a lot of quizzes. You can test your information and make sure you have memorized the words you need.

How to memorize the Arabic Alphabet

Learning the alphabet is the basis of each language. You need to know the shapes of each letter in Arabic to be able to read Arabic words. You also need to know how each letter is pronounced to be able to improve your speaking skills as well.

So now you know that we need the alphabet for both reading and writing, you should work on a strategy to memorize the alphabet in a way that can help you do both.

1. Work on learning a few characters in each lesson

While you should not try to learn the whole alphabet at once, you should not focus on one letter in each session. Try to divide the alphabet into several groups and put your effort into learning each group until you learn the whole alphabet.

With Arabic, you need to make the groups small because each letter has several shapes based on its location in the word. Therefore, trying to learn many letters at once will make it harder for you to focus and memorize.

2. Learn the sound of the letter, not just the name

Many people will write all the new words in a small notebook. However, to memorize them faster, it could be helpful to make multiple lists categorized by theme. For example, have a list of words that are about business, another one about farming, etc.

3. Memorize the alphabet song

We all need to use an Arabic dictionary and translate the words into our mother language to know their meanings. But instead of doing this, try to use other Arabic words to explain their meaning.

Using synonyms you already know to help you remember new words is an effective way to remember both new and old vocabulary.

4. Use words that are derived from English

Memorizing the Arabic letter and an example of a word that starts with that letter can be difficult unless you already know that word. If you are a beginner learner and do not have a large vocabulary you can use loan words.

Arabic has many words that are derived from other languages. Therefore, you will find plenty of them to help you learn the Arabic alphabet.

How to speak Arabic fast

Speaking is an essential skill that you need to work on when learning Arabic. But many Arabic students can find it hard to pronounce the Arabic words right and speak Arabic fluently. That is why some students may look for ways to learn to speak Arabic quickly.

Fortunately, you can improve your Arabic speaking skills and have a good Arabic accent if you use the right methods.

1. Speak out loud when you write and read Arabic text

Many students find Arabic easy when they say words in their heads but find it hard to speak out loud. To deal with this problem, you need to practice and train yourself on the pronunciation of Arabic words.

The best way to start is to talk aloud whenever you are reading or writing something in Arabic. Surely, you will pronounce some of the words wrong in the beginning, but you will notice that you are getting better as you train more.

2. Think in Arabic

Pronunciation is not the only problem you need to overcome when it comes to speaking Arabic. You also need to train yourself to speak the words without thinking, and this is important to become fluent in Arabic.

To achieve this, you need to start thinking in Arabic. Try to imagine yourself in certain situations and you have to deal with them in Arabic like you are in a store to buy groceries or that you want to buy a plane ticket to travel somewhere. You can start with simple situations that portray everyday conversations and gradually move towards more complex ones.

Thinking in Arabic will give you the ability to translate your thought into Arabic words faster. Over time, you will be able to speak easily without needing to translate your thought from your mother language into Arabic before saying them.

3. Speak with native speakers

Speaking with native speakers is one of the best ways to learn to speak Arabic quickly. If you are not living in an Arabic community, you can find someone to speak with on the internet. There are a lot of apps and websites that allow you to speak with strangers from all over the word.

Speaking with native Arabic speakers is especially important if you want to learn a certain Arabic dialect. Arabic dialects differ from modern standard Arabic and cannot usually be learned from apps and courses.

4. Imitate actors from Arabic movies

Arabic movies let you listen to Arabic conversations in common dialects and improve your listening skills. But you can also use them to speak Arabic quickly. How to learn to speak Arabic fast, you may wonder. The answer is by following these simple steps:

  • Watch the movie with the subtitles for few times. Subtitles will help you understand any words you did not recognize by listening and know the new words you do not know.
  • Write down the new words in a notebook and practice pronouncing them until you memorize them.
  • Watch the movie again but without subtitles and try to speak aloud while you are watching the movie.

5. Find a learning partner

Talking to someone who is learning Arabic can benefit you both. This can help you notice some of the pronunciation mistakes you make while speaking, which enables you to correct them and help you speak faster.

Final Word

Learning Arabic quickly is a concern to many Arabic learners. Having a means to guide you through this process will help you a lot increase your learning speed. AlifBee is a great option in this regard. It will make you learn Arabic faster and more fluently. Try it now!

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