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Learning Arabic Online: Valuable Tips & Resources

Learning Arabic Online

If you are planning to visit an Arab country in which Arabic is the official language, you will need to learn the Arabic language. But the problem that faces a lot of people is that there are no Arabic language teachers nearby. As a result, many people will try to take Arabic language courses online.

To many people, learning foreign languages online may not seem a good idea as they are used to being in a class. But nowadays, Arabic language learners can benefit from learning Arabic language online and improve their skill levels.

How can I learn Arabic online?

There were days when you could only learn Arabic with the help of a teacher. But nowadays, it is possible to learn new languages and improve your language skills by yourself with the help of the Internet.

How do I learn Arabic online? This is one of the most common questions that we may face. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to learn Arabic online, either without a teacher or with a teacher.

You can easily find a variety of applications and online platforms that can help you learn Arabic online and practice Arabic language skills. Whether you want to learn the Arabic alphabet or new words, learn about the grammar of Arabic, or learn how to read, you can achieve your goals online.

If you are planning to learn Arabic online, you can find a suitable platform regardless of your level of experience in Arabic. You can start from scratch and begin learning how to write, pronounce, and read Arabic letters, or start from a more advanced level and work on acquiring more advanced language skills.

Needless to say, there are a lot of these online learning platforms that will help you assess your progress with a lot of special tests and exams specifically designed to help you improve your language skills.

So, if you are hesitant about Arabic online learning and think you cannot learn Arabic online because you cannot find a good teacher, think again. Arabic learning applications are now more advanced than ever and can make it easy for you to become fluent in Arabic if you are willing to put enough effort into the process.

How do I learn to write Arabic online?

If you want to learn to read and write Arabic online, you need to acquire some knowledge in Arabic grammar and learn the Arabic alphabet. But you also need to keep in mind that learning the alphabet does not mean that you only need to know how to recite the letters.

Each Arabic letter has several forms, and you need to learn all of them to know how to read or write. Another thing that you need to learn is the sounds of letters. The sounds of letters are what you need so that you can read the words and sentences.

To write better in Arabic, you should increase your vocabulary list. The best thing is to start with the basic vocabulary that you need in your daily life and add more to it.

Plenty of online apps to learn Arabic can help you learn each letter of the alphabet and teach you how to pronounce them like AlifBee. These apps are great to help you improve your skill levels in writing and reading. 

If you are a student, you can study Arabic online during the summer when you do not have school and have plenty of free time. When you can spend more time learning the basics of Arabic and memorizing more basic vocabulary, it will be easier for you to improve your skills later.

Learn to speak the Arabic language online.

People who want to learn to speak Arabic online have plenty of ways to do so. One of the best ways is to watch videos in Arabic and work on copying them. A good tip is to record yourself and compare your pronunciation to what the person in the video says, as this can help you evaluate your skill level and correct your mistakes.

Another way is to find someone to chat with you in Arabic. You can find many Arabic people who want to make new friends. Speaking to an Arabic friend regularly will be beneficial to people who are looking to learn a specific Arabic dialect and want oral conversation practice.

What are Arabic online educational resources?

Now that you are fully aware that online platforms can help you learn and even master the Arabic language, it should be time to choose the one platform you are planning on using. Since there are many websites and apps that you can use to learn Arabic online, you can get a little bit confused when it comes to choosing the right one.

It is essential to choose the website or app that makes you progress in reading, listening, writing, and speaking in parallel. This requires the website or app to have good resources and organization.

When you ask, “Which is the best app to learn Arabic?” Some famous names will pop into your mind, like the AlifBee app.

AlifBee is one of the excellent choices for those who want to learn Arabic online. AlifBee offers a variety of courses on different levels, from beginner to advanced. This online app to learn Arabic can improve your language skills, enrich your vocabulary, and teach you a lot of the grammar you need to master Arabic.

AlifBee is a trusted resource to learn Arabic online. Unlike other apps that offer to teach a variety of foreign languages, this one is specifically designed to teach Arabic. What makes the app among the favorite resources for many people is that it can help you improve all of your skills in Arabic.

Free Arabic teaching materials

If you are not planning to spend your money on learning apps, you can find several apps that can teach you Arabic for free or some apps that require a purchase but offer free courses with specific limitations.

Free Arabic teaching materials are not usually enough to master Arabic and become a fluent speaker. However, they can be a good start for you. Here are some of the good resources for learning Arabic online for free.


You can find several YouTube channels to help you learn Arabic online and improve your skills for free. These channels have videos that teach the Arabic alphabet and Arabic words in different fields and, most importantly, teach you how to pronounce Arabic words and speak like a native speaker. However, YouTube videos lack interactivity, which is crucial in learning any language.

Duolingo Arabic

This is one of the most popular free apps to learn Arabic online. Using Duolingo is quite simple. You can use the lessons to learn different language skills and learn how to write, read, and pronounce a lot of new words. It can help you learn a lot of grammar in simple ways. The problem with Duolingo is that it cannot make you master the language.


AlifBee app is not totally free but when you create an account on the app, you will have free access to the lessons of the beginner’s level. In the next levels, you will have access to a few lessons for free.

You can benefit from the free lessons by trying the app before you consider purchasing it. This can help you try its features and see how easy it is to use it. AlifBee can lead you through the whole process until mastering Arabic.

What is the best online Arabic course?

Well, the best online course to learn Arabic is the course that you find interesting and matches your level. There are plenty of online courses for teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers. Some of them are meant for beginners, others are for advanced students. It is up to you to decide which is the best. But we will help you and give you some of the popular online Arabic courses.

Glossika Arabic

This is one of the good available options for you to start learning Arabic online. The app will help you acquire and improve several language skills. You can use the app to learn and practice Arabic from A1 level to C1.

Repetition is the method the app uses to teach new words and grammar. You will have a good learning experience with this app.

Udemy Courses

There are a lot of good courses on Udemy that can teach you Arabic. You can find a course with different dialects and at a variety of prices depending on the teacher.


As mentioned earlier, AlifBee is an app designed specifically to teach Arabic. Courses teach each of the main language skills. You can use the app to improve your listening, learn the right pronunciation of each letter, and pronounce words.

This app will help you learn about grammar and give you loads of new important vocabulary to help you become a fluent speaker with ease.

What is the best way to learn Arabic online?

Although learning Arabic can be hard, there are some methods to let you learn Arabic fast and easily without the help of a teacher. The easy steps to learning Arabic are:

Learning the alphabet

Learning the shapes and the right pronunciation of each letter is essential to learning Arabic. You need this to be able to read and write Arabic words and sentences. You need to train yourself on the proper pronunciation of each letter, as some of them may seem similar.

Learning everyday Arabic words and phrases

You do not need to learn each and every word in the Arabic dictionary. Knowing the common ones that you will need in your daily life will be enough, at least in the beginning.

Practicing speaking

It would be good if you had someone to talk to. But if not, you can practice by talking out loud and mirroring some audio and videos in Arabic. If you do not have one, you can use an authoritative resource to practice, as some apps provide Arabic language learners with samples to read in different ways.

Reading something in Arabic

In the beginning, you can start by reading some texts in both Arabic and your mother language. Later, you will gain the ability to read Arabic and understand the words easily. Reading constantly will prevent you from forgetting the words and the grammar of Arabic.

Using some online learning Apps

Learning Apps are good for learning Arabic online. They can provide online courses and help you master the language skills of Arabic. AlifBee is a great example of a good online Arabic learning app.

Is there an online Arabic class for kids?

Learning Arabic at an early age can make it easier to master the language. Children can learn faster and more easily than adults can. The problem will just be finding a good resource that can teach your child the Arabic language. But luckily, there are plenty of platforms to teach Arabic.

A good platform for teaching Arabic to children needs to be simple, easy to use, and entertaining. Children should work on a learning app that they find appealing to help them learn Arabic faster.

AlifBee kids can be exactly the app you are looking for. This app will help your kids learn Arabic online through playing and doing a lot of entertaining activities. It will help them learn a lot of the vocabulary they need, and you will notice the results in a short time.

Online Arabic classes for kids or Arabic kids’ online learning apps are great ways to let the kids get the most out of the internet. Your kids will be able to learn a new language and consider it fun instead of wasting time on mobile and computer games.

Last word

If you are planning to become a fluent speaker of Arabic, learning the basics will not be enough for you. By learning the Arabic language online using a good app like AlifBee, you can work more on developing your skills and practicing more. This way, you will be able to sharpen your Arabic language skills to the point where they mistake you for a local.


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